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Our Mission

To Help People Be Healthy


Our Company

AOplus is the flagship product of NUTEK, a division of Canamco, Inc., Indianapolis, IN. Our company was incorporated in 1998 with the firm belief that our purpose is to be of service by helping people be healthy. We are sincere in our desire to help improve the quality of life for our customers by offering great tasting antioxidant products that are effective, affordable and essential to good health.


As we like to say, “Drink AOplus we’ll all feel better!”


A Message from the President

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years, having worked with the American Cancer Society, the National Kidney Foundation, the National Child Safety Council and the Alzheimer’s Association. I have seen firsthand the devastation caused by disease and I realize the importance that nutrition plays in fighting the damaging effects of illness and in maintaining good health. More and more people are becoming health conscious because we all want to live longer and enjoy quality of life. Good eating habits, regular exercise and stress reduction are ways that we can help to assure good health. We also know that vitamins and antioxidant supplements are equally as important to help protect us from disease, and AOplus offers a great solution.


By making the commitment to take AOplus daily, I believe that your reward will be an improved quality of life. AOplus is not a quick fix. But over the long haul, taking antioxidants regularly is one of the best things you can do for your health!


Give AOplus a try. We are committed to serving you and we look forward to having you as a member of the AOplus family for many years to come!



Greg Dupuis, President


Greg and Sue Dupuis